A Primrose Park Christmas

As if it is that time of year already, Christmas is well on its way and it is definitely time to start planning. Although things might be a little bit different this year we need to make it as special as possible, everyone deserves a magical Christmas after the whirlwind of a year it has been. Hopefully reading this blog will give you lots of inspiration on what to cook for your loved ones this Christmas and if Primrose Park is not on your Christmas list yet, you might feel differently after reading this.

Anna herself has been sharing her favourite Christmas recipes, that she loves to cook year in year out for her family. Pheasant and Chestnut casserole is a perfect evening meal for the lead up to Christmas, and maybe something you haven’t thought about making before. It's always fun to try something new, maybe it could become a new traditional meal in your house. Treacle Pud a la Anna is another family favourite, a warming comforting treat perfect for festive evenings. Anna loves to serve her Pudding with thick jersey cream and custard!


A top pick for Anna’s christmas list would be the Opal dress in Garland this is a top pick because it is such a wardrobe staple, its dark colour allows it to be dressed up and down, worn with and without tights. You could pair it with boots and trainers, and it would look fantastic. Add a cream knit jumper and there you have a wonderful look, it is a piece that can carry you through to the spring, giving you lots of opportunity to wear it. 

A top pick from the manager at the shop Heart and Sole, would be the Tracy top. It comes with no surprise that this is on their Christmas list, it is such a beautiful top with delicate detailing around the high collar and the sleeves. Its sheer fabric gives it an edge, it would look fantastic with some black leather trousers or a skirt. This gorgeous top is also on the wish list of the manager at Fifty5a, another shop that stocks Primrose Park, she says it is on her list because she loves the high neck with the deep shirred cuff and the beautiful sheer fabric which adds a hint of vintage in a modern way. 

Christina, the manager at one of the ANNA stores that stocks Primrose Park has shared a family favourite Christmas recipe, A rich and creamy baked cheesecake, is always a go too. Who doesn’t love a cheesecake? Christina says she always loves to decorate the cheesecake in a festive way and it was always a tradition in her family when the children were younger to help decorate. 

A top pick on her Christmas list this year is the Zion dress in Garland Green, she says it is such a beautiful colour that works really well for her and is a perfect dress for wearing with a pair of trainers to keep it casual. She also says she would pair it with her leather jacket for a more wintery look, and a big chunky scarf. It is such an easy going dress perfect for those days where you are in a bit of a rush but still want to make the effort. 

As December rolls in it is time to start feeling festive and indulging in mince pies and chocolate, and maybe you have been given some inspiration from the blog for some new ideas of what to cook. Lets all have a very special Christmas and treat ourselves this year.